Yung Miami Mourns Death Of Her Son’s Father: ‘You Didn’t Deserve This’

Yung Miami is mourning the loss of Jai Wiggins, the father to her 6-year-old son.

The City Girls rapper paid tribute to her ex-boyfriend, who was killed in a rumored shooting over the weekend, on Instagram Monday (June 15), captioning a series of photos of Jai with their son: “Babies 1st words are DADA & that’s what you are a FATHER to Jai. You & Jai is peanut butter & jelly always together one thing about you, you don’t play about your son! So humble, quiet & uplifting. I hate this happen to you Jai you didn’t deserve this! Jai need you ??.”

Yung Miami also posted several messages on her Instagram Story, writing, “Damn Jai I can’t believe you gone.” In a separate post she added, “I just feel like going tf crazy! DAMNNNNN!”

Yung Miami’s group member, JT, additionally took to social media to remember Jai, writing on Instagram: “Damn this hurts writing this, I’ve been trying to out think this situation but it’s so heavy on my heart! You was such a good person! We really grew up together never in a million years I saw this for you! Since day 1 with ANY situation you stepped up! Heart of gold & a smile that would light up any room since I’ve known you I only seen you act crazy about one person soooooooo many memories! So many! Bro I can go on & on but these tears got my fingers slipping. Love you so much & I promise to be there for caresha & baby jai. Forever!!!! I can hear you saying ‘day 1 don’t switch up you know we family!’ Yes jai we are, family forever ??.”

On Twitter, JT spoke of Yung Miami’s strength, tweeting, “Yung is in fact the strongest person I know, sh*t. so sad she even have to go through certain sh*t. I love & respect her so much more every day! ??❤️.” She later added, “Caresha don’t deserve this sh*t, my baby haven’t really caught a break in years always being forced to be strong …. God send her a miracle her heart so broken & mine is too???????. … Y’all pray for caresha! This is too much, seriously?.”

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