Yung Joc -father-of-8-rejects-fiancees-demand-to-get-a-vasectomy

*Rapper/radio personality Yung Joc has ruled out having a vasectomy at the suggestion of his longtime girlfriend.

As noted by, the 36-year-old has been an open book when it comes to sharing details about his personal life on VH1’s “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta.” 

Fans have witnessed everything from his infidelity, career changes, tales about his multiple baby mamas and his 8 kids, as well as his engagement to attorney Kendra Robinson.

Joc immediately rejects Kendra’s suggestion, but she makes clear that she can’t marry him unless he undergoes the procedure. 

Kendra also noted that her man already finds it challenging to make time for his 8 kids, so how will his demanding schedule allow him to devote attention to child number nine, and maybe ten?

“Do you want to have more children? So you want to have child number nine and ten so you can figure out how to have time for those children like you’re trying to find time to have for the children you already have? I think that’s cruel,” she tells him. To which Joc replies: “Why you say it like I don’t be there for the best of my kids? Don’t say it like that!”

Scroll up and watch the moment via the YouTube clip above. 

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