Young M.A.: ‘I’m Not A Lesbian… We The People Just Glad You Aint Changing Your Pu**y Into a Di*k.. #getthestrap

Young M.A. revealed that she no longer identifies as a lesbian, and wants folks to quit attaching labels to her.

“[I’m not a lesbian] I’m just Young M.A,” the rapper explained during a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked. “I’m just Young M.A… I just don’t date dudes. I love women.” 

During the sit-down, Young M.A. also touched on Lil Nas X’s decision to come out on social media on the last day of Pride Month.

“Honestly, to me, I ain’t really know if he came out because the way he went about it… like, ‘Is he gay?'” Young M.A said. “I wasn’t clear. But, in a way, I think maybe he did it in a smart way where it left you clueless, but to me, I think he is.”

The rapper has had several relationships with women in the public eye, but in 2019, the way that a person chooses to define/ identify themselves is more important than ever.

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