Young Dro Sentenced 12 Months In Jail For Family Violence

Young Dro will be shoulder leaning in county orange for an incident with his girlfriend.

Back in July we reported that Young Dro was arrested for battery and family violence when he smashed a banana pudding in his girlfriend’s face during a domestic dispute.

Today, we get word via TMZ that Drosephine Baker has been sentenced to 12 months in prison but will only be serving 70 days and he’s already gotten credit for the 20 days that he’s already served. It is also reported that he will get an extra day of credit for each day of good behavior.Dro could be home as soon as October 5.

That said, it isn’t all roses yet, the rapper will be on probation for the duration of the 12 month sentence and one slip up could land him back in the bing. He will be required to attend violence counseling in addition to staying clean from drugs and alcohol. Dro will also have to forfeit all of the weapons that he owns.

Could have been worse. He better tighten up

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