Young Buck: I Shared A Jail Cell With Future’s Son

Young Buck, who was recently released from jail after spending months in custody, says that he shared a jail cell with Future’s 17-year-old son.

“Yeah, lil n*gga name was Kobi, I think,” Buck told DJ Paul during the live stream. “I tell the guard, ‘put that n*gga in a cell with me.’ You feel me?” he said during a sitdown with DJ Paul. “And the little time I was locked up. A little bit of it, I done most of it with his son. His lil’ one. I think I talked to Casino, his uncle’s and sh*t… but it f*cked me up, man.”

Jakobi Wilburn was arrested during a police bust back in March. The police charged the 17-year-old with possession of a gun with an altered ID, meaning the serial number had been scratched off. He was later bailed out of jail by his father.

Buck continued, “I don’t really know what his charges was and sh*t but we was back there, you know?– I just told Casino, ‘I got him while he back here. I know y’all finna get this n*gga all this money you n*ggas got but I got ’em while he back here.'”

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