YOU AIN’T WORTH $**T IN THE STREETS … And Watch Your Back!!!

The thought of Tekashi 6ix9ine doing music once he’s free has rapper Blueface issuing not-so-veiled threats and appraising the snitch’s street cred … as worthless.

We got Blueface out at LAX Thursday and got his take on Tekashi landing a multi-million dollar deal while he’s still behind bars. Blueface didn’t waste time leveling a threat against Tekashi … suggesting he’d unleash his muscle on the snitch if they ever see him in Tinseltown.

It’s no surprise Blueface isn’t showing any love for Tekashi69 — Blueface reps the School Yard Crips and 6ix9ine was deeply involved with the Nine Trey Blood gang. Those ties were shredded when Tekashi snitched big time for a chance to get his possible 47-year sentence reduced.

Blueface makes it clear … when he gets out, Tekashi’s persona non grata in L.A.

As for Tekashi’s new record deal worth more than $10 million with 10K Projects — Blueface thinks the label only came on board because of the attention surrounding Tekashi. He believes most fans have already jumped ship … except the “little white kids.”

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