Yo Gotti Cuts Deal To Save $6 Million Fortune From Rapper Young Fletcher

 Memphis rapper Yo Gotti has managed to negotiate a settlement to hold onto a huge chunk of his vast fortune.

In June of 2019, a judge in South Carolina ordered Yo Gotti to pay $6.6 million to a record label called Stack Money Empire, over an artist named Young Fletcher. 

Stack Money Empire won a default judgment against Yo Gotti after the company paid the rapper $20,000 to get an exclusive verse for Young Fletcher. 

Stack Money Empire said their dream of a feature with Yo Gotti crumbled because the rap star allegedly deliberately refused to sign paperwork to allow Young Fletcher to release the verse.

The rapper also accused Yo Gotti of using the same lyrics for a different song, which wrecked his odds of success with his Yo Gotti collaboration.

Stack Money’s CEO Michael Terry also said Yo Gotti tried to steal Young Fletcher from him by offering the rapper a $150,000 with CMG. 

Earlier this week, both parties managed to settle the high stakes lawsuit.

According to court records, Yo Gotti has already settled with Michael Terry. The two parties agreed to reach a financial settlement for an undisclosed amount.

Young Fletcher even managed to get his song out of Yo Gotti according to his lawyer Clarke Dummit. 

“He’s excited about the settlement and he’s releasing a new song featuring Yo Gotti called ‘Truth Be Told,’” Dummit told the Winston-Salem Journal. “It is due to drop in the next 10 days.”

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