YG Threatens To SHOOT Rappers Trying To Holla At Kehlani Amid Split Rumors!!

YG and Kehlani reportedly parted way weeks back, but YG hopped on social media to warn other rappers about trying to slide in and “comfort” his ex while they are going through their problems.

“What Young Thug said: Don’t get shot tryna comfort my b*tch while we goin thru it. I know where n*ggaz live. Black ops,” he wrote.

YG made headlines recently after he was seen on what appeared to be a date with Houston rapper, Megan Thee Stallion.

Meg claimed that she is currently single to reporters, but as soon as she closed the van door and began to drive off, YG stopped the van and climbed in with her, further fueling the dating rumors.

YG’s threat came after singer Tory Lanez posted several pics which included a picture of him standing in front of Kehlani in the club to his Instagram.

Is YG firing shots at Tory Lanez, or y’all think this is just a PSA to any guys who are thinking about shooting their shot?

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