YG says he did NOT step out on Kehlani while partying in L.A. — and despite a photo seeming to show that — he insists they remain a strong couple.

We spoke to someone who was partying with the rapper Wednesday night and they tell us a woman did approach YG outside Poppy Nightclub. We’re told she got right up in YG’s grill and requested a pic while he was sitting in the passenger seat of his car — but there was no kiss.

Our source says YG told the woman — who wasn’t partying with him or his friends — he wasn’t in the mood to take a photo but she persisted. Video and photos have surfaced showing that exchange, leading to the report claiming YG cheated.

We’re told YG — who was at Poppy for Todd Gurley’s Halloween bash — was pretty intoxicated, and he regrets putting himself in a situation that’s now being misconstrued.

As for Kehlani, we’re told she’s all Gucci with her man — so, YG’s dodged the ultimate bullet.

As we reported last month … YG and Kehlani confirmed they’re dating when they made their first public appearance together at New York Fashion Week.

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