… She Jacked MY Cut!!!

XXXTentacion‘s been gone for 2 years, but there’s still fresh family drama brewing — his half brother’s suing XXX’s mom, and accusing her of stealing.

Jodi Kavney, the mother of XXX’s half brother, Corey Pack, claims XXX’s mom, Cleopatra Bernard, concocted a plan to siphon off millions of dollars from her own son’s trust — money the late rapper set aside for Corey … according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Jodi, who’s suing on behalf of Corey, says in docs, XXX left behind assets in excess of $50 million … including a trust that lists Corey as 1 of 3 beneficiaries. She claims the breakdown is supposed to be 50% to Cleopatra, 25% to XXX’s brother, Aiden Kerr … with Corey getting the remaining 25%.

But, in the lawsuit, Jodi claims Cleopatra cut a deal with XXX’s baby mama which helped her cut Corey out of his portion of the estate. Jodi’s now seeking to recover assets she claims were “improperly and surreptitiously transferred” by Cleopatra to herself.

Jodi’s suing for $11 million in damages and may try to triple that amount … if she can prove this was intentionally done. She also claims Corey’s entitled to ownership rights to XXX’s record label, Bad Vibe Entities.

Jodi’s attorney, Natasha Shaikh, tells TMZ … they originally sent a demand letter to Cleopatra seeking the $11M but says that fell on deaf ears … so they filed the lawsuit to let the court decide. We reached out to Cleopatra for comment … so far, no word back.

TMZ broke the story … XXX was gunned down back in June 2018 while shopping for motorcycles at a South Florida dealer. Four suspects were arrested and indictedfor the rapper’s murder.

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