Word On The Curb..Todd was sported at the embassy suites without Kandi , he looked spooked

The new season fo the Real Housewives of Atlanta starts this Sunday – and already, there is a scandal brewing.

An instagram blog caught Atlanta Housewife Kandi Burress’ husband at an Atlanta area hotel. And the blogger claims that when Todd realized that he was being filmed, he was “spooked” and quickly ran off.

Todd and Kandi live in Atlanta, so why would he need to be staying at a local hotel?

Here’s the image:

The image of Todd, appears to be from the Embassy Suites at the Centennial Olympic Park Hotel in Atlanta – here’s a pic from that hotel (peep the floor):

While the pics of Todd at the Embassy Suites in and of itself aren’t damning – it’s causing rampant speculation online.

Here’s a sample of the comments:

The Embassy ? Woo … Andy must be late with the checks hunty.

Omfg ????‍♀️ help us all lord.

She’s not going anywhere regardless.

He’s not going to business meeting – not with that tracksuit boo lmao with that tracksuit on ???

You’ll recall that Kandi’s former friend – Kim Zolciak-Biermann suggested that Todd cheated on Kandi. (For the full story – link here)

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