Word On The Curb This The Whoraaaa Vince Left Tay Tay For..Her Name Is Jamie Taylor ! (She Might Be Pregnant Too)???

Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbertbroke up over a year ago. While Tamar had also moved on with David Adefeso, Vince seems to have broken up with Tamar for another woman, Instagram model Jamie Taylor! There are also rumors that she might be pregnant

Besides being her husband, Herbert also worked as Braxton’s manager. He took charge of her music career. Because of their dual relationship, Braxton often referred to Herbert as her “husbandger.”

Which might be what broke them up, as she said the lines between professional and personal became “blurry.

Besides, Tamar claimed he was jealous of her success: “[Yeah he was jealous] – When he would bring somebody in, it was, ‘Don’t talk to her.’ I didn’t work with any producers. [He picked every single song on my albums].

But they broke up, and Tamar moved on with David Adefeso – although their relationship recently ended – and ended badly

According to online reports, Vince’s relationship works more smoothly. He started dating a beautiful IG model named Jamie Taylor. Jaimie and Vince have been spotted around Los Angeles together, and many believe that the two are romantically involved.

Neither Vince or Jamie confirmed their relationship on social media.

But recently, Jamie posted a very interesting post on her Instagram. That has led people to suspect that she is expecting a baby, and Vince is the father. Jaime asked fans if they knew of anything that would help a pregnant woman sleep.

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