Word On The Curb.. Soulja Boy Got Caught Buying Fake Jewelry At A Mall Kiosk And We The People Say 🗣We Kneeeewed It🔨🔨🔨🎶🎶

Chileeeeeee…The man who accused Soulja Boy of buying fake jewelry says the rapper sent his crew to handle him.

Soulja talkin’ bout some n*ggas are gonna come to Compton,” he says in the video. “Who the f*ck? Who the f*ck this n*gga think he is?”

He added that it wasn’t Soulja that was buying the jewelry, it was actually “one of his artists.” He said he just wanted Soulja Boy to “stop cappin’.”

Soulja Boy and the man went Live together days ago, where Soulja went off on him.

“Broke ass n*gga. Walk in that same jewelry store that you just left in the mall and try to buy the Cartier, n*gga. That muthaf*cka $35,000. The Rollie $30,000. Everything over there real. They sell real ice in the mall, clout chasin’ ass p*ssy ass. Stop f* ckin’ playin’ with me n*gga. F*ck you talkin’ bout,” he said.

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