Word On The Curb…Snoop Dogg’s Wife Leaves Him After Insta Thot Exposes Affair & Drug Use!!

Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante Broadus have finally separated, MTO News has learned. We spoke with one of Shante’s friends yesterday, and they told us that she and her rapper husband are now “separated.”

And this morning, Shante all but confirmed the separation on social media herself.

Shante, who has been married to Snoop for more than 20 years, posted this on Instagram:

So what happened – to end their marriage. One of Snoop’s side chicks is exposing his affairs, and his drug use. And it was all too much for Shante to take.

Celina, an alleged mistress, gave an interview earlier this week where she exposed her multiple affairs with Snoop. She claimed that during one romantic encounter, Snoop sniffed cocaine off her breasts.

Celina said in her video that she and Snoop hooked up twice in 2018, but she admits that it was her who sought out the married rapper.

In their first meeting, Snoop flew her out to Los Angeles and she stayed at the rapper’s “spare apartment.” She said he put a line of cocaine on her boobs and snorted it while they’re having sex. He gave her money afterwards for shopping.

She was also invited to BET Awards but she didn’t go. “I find it so ironic how literally the next day was the BET Awards and he was preaching about his love for God and how he loves his wife,” she said.

Their second hookup, however, didn’t go as well for her. After sex, he gave her no money and she was dropped off on the side of the road by his bodyguard. Following that, she went off on him when he began ignored her calls, and has since threatened to expose him.

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