Word On The Curb…Safaree Has Something To Say About Coronavirus – He Suspects Fowl Play From The Government

Safaree had a few words that he wanted to share on his social media account about the coronavirus. The new virus is spreading all over the world, triggering massive and increasing panic and fear.

A couple of days ago, Italy became a red zone, and all the people in the country are now quarantined. This freaked out Europe a lot, as you can imagine.

Overall, the global economy has to suffer due to what’s been lately happening around the world.

Celebrities also have their own opinions about what’s been going on, and it seems that Safaree believes that the government is somewhat involved in the virus-related issues.

Here’s the message that he shared on his social media account:

‘Stop letting the corona virus stop y’all from living y’all lives. I don’t trust the government. They got something to do with it. They shoulda stopped certain flights from coming into America since December. Go chuck up Innah yuh mumma trump‼️’

People are not exactly here for his message and some of his followers even said that what he posted online is disrespectful.

Someone said: ‘it’s a stupid comment. there are victims, my Italy is blocked due to the coronavirus, the companies are having big economic problems, the nurses and doctors have no breaks, and they are working uninterruptedly for us, we can’t even go out. have some respect, thanks.’

Another follower wrote: ‘Government is trying to control population! Only my opinion!! Wash your hands, everyone!! I’m CNA just wash your hands, please people!!’

Other than this, Safaree is living his best life these days, after his wife, Erica Mena gave birth to their sweet baby girl.

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