Word On The Curb…Meghan Markle’s mother won’t relocate to Canada since their relationship isn’t that close

The Duchess of Sussex’s mother, a yoga teacher who lives in Los Angeles, reportedly doesn’t have plans to join her daughter in Canada amid her and Prince Harry’s big move to step back from their senior royal duties, relinquish their royal titles and live financially independent of the crown.

“She’s not very close with her mom,” a source told Us Weekly of their relationship.

A second insider notes that the 63-year-old, “has no plans to relocate to Canada or anywhere for that matter,” despite her 38-year-old daughter welcoming her grandson, Archie, in May.

She is currently giving private yoga lessons to a select few clients,” the source says. “Doria would only see Meghan once or twice a year while filming ‘Suits’ in Toronto. Meghan isn’t as close to her mom as is known.”

News that the mother-daughter duo aren’t close may come as a shock to some given that Ragland was one of the only members of the former actress’ family to actually attend her May 2018 wedding to Prince Harry in Windsor, England. However, Ragland has yet to publicly comment on the couple’s decision, which is being dubbed “Megxit.”

Meanwhile, her estranged father and half-sister have been pulling no punches when it comes to commenting on Harry and Meghan’s big move.

“When people ask us questions we answer honestly … we’re not going to candy-coat the truth, she has treated people horribly,” her half-sister, Samantha, said in a recent interview.

She added: “I was a little bit surprised that they would step down. I was hoping they would have the tenacity to stick it out or change what they were doing wrong that created so much public controversy. I thought they would own up to the package that they signed up for.

“In all fairness and honesty, I think she has demonstrated no concern for our family and the royals. I’m not going to be the first one sitting in the back of the classroom saying, ‘Oh, pick me. I’m going to defend her’ … she’s an adult,” Samantha continued. “She made choices. Harry made choices and those choices had deleterious consequences for our family, for the royals and for so many charities.”

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