Word On The Curb…Loni Love From The Real Is A Drunk Who Likes Young Male Thots!!

Loni Love from The Real is coming under attack, by a woman who claims to have been associated with the comedian

Last week, Loni’s former friend Cookie Hull exposed that Loni was the one, who got co-host Tamar Braxton fired from the show. Cookie did an interview w/ the website Comedy Hype, where she explained that she wrote jokes for Loni Love. And that Love told her that she was going to try to get Braxton axed from the show.

Cookie told the site, “She told me that she wanted (Braxton) off the show.” She added, that Loni “wanted to be the only ghetto girl on the show, and she wanted to get rid of Tamar.”

Now another one of Loni’s associates is coming out to co-sign what Cookie said.

Here are the cliffnotes:

  • Claims that women in entertainment need to stop trying to tear one another down.
  • Claims that Cookie was writing jokes for Loni to help her out.
  • Says that all of the crying that Loni was doing on TV was fake as fuck.
  • Says that she was present when Loni would vent her frustrations about Tamar and how she didn’t like her.
  • Says she’s witnessed Loni saying that she was going to reach out to whomever she needed to to get Tamar fired.
  • Says that even though Tamara is Black, she’s mixed; and Loni wanted to be the token Black girl.
  • Says that Cookie is NOT a leech and Loni is not the only person that’s given Cookie a check.
  • Says that Cookie was there and supportive of Loni when she had all of those drunken nights in Vegas.
  • Says that Cookie was there for Loni when she was f*cking young boys and leaving them in Vegas.

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