Word On The Curb Joseline Should Have Been Home With Her Child.. Instead Of Fighting Naked In The Club…

Love & Hip Hop legend Joseline Hernandez was reportedly jumped yesterday, while in Miami. And video of the aftermath of the beating has leaked online.

GRAPHIC video of Joseline getting her clothes ripped off

According to online reports, Joseline was at a Miami nightclub making an appearance, when she was confronted by a group of women. The women reportedly beat the reality star, and then ripped off her dress.

Joseline is in the middle of shooting a reality show for the Zeus network. And the attack was caught on camera – and is expected to air in Joseline’s upcoming show.

By the time security broke up the fight, Joseline was walking around the club wearing just a thong.

It’s not clear yet which of the women first put their hands on Joseline – or what may have precipitated the incident in the first place.

But luckily for her she did not seem to be seriously injured by the attack – other than the embarrassment of being left naked in the club.

GRAPHIC video of Joseline getting her clothes ripped off

Joseline is best known for being the mistress, then wife, then ex-wife, of her former Love & Hip Hop co-star Stevie J. The two share a daughter together named Bella.

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