Word On The Curb..Dr. Dre’s Oldest Daughter Is Broke & Living in Rental Car!!

LaTanya Young says that she has not seen or heard from her father in 18 years and that she doesn’t even have his cell number. If she needs to reach him, she has to go through his team.

LaTanya is Dre’s daughter with Lisa Johnson. She is 38, has four children and currently works as a delivery driver for DoorDash and Uber Eats. She says she is unable to afford an apartment.

Her father is reportedly worth $820 million.

My kids are staying with friends—they are not living in the car, it’s just me,” LaTanya told Daily Mail. “I’m taking odd jobs just to make it now—I got paid $15 an hour as an assembler at the warehouse. I’m trying to keep my head above water. I’ve been in debt for a while.”

“The car is a pretty penny. It’s an SUV that costs $2,300 for three weeks and I only paid for one week. Sooner or later they are going to take the car.”

She says Dre won’t help her.

“I’m homeless and I’ve been reaching out to my dad for help. His lawyer has said that my dad doesn’t want to help me because I’ve spoken about him in the press. I feel like I’m damned if I do, I’m damned if I don’t. I’m just trying to communicate with him and see if he wants to talk to his grandkids. My kids are old enough to know who he is. They are in shock that he doesn’t want anything to do with them.”

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