Word On The Curb.. Donna of “Black Ink Crew” Say: Ryan Hanry Has A Small P*nis!

The new season of VH1’s hit show Black Ink Crew is heating up – and beef between cast member Caesar and Ryan Henry of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” isn’t dying down any time soon.

Last week, the “Black Ink Crew: New York” staff were shown a video of cast member Miss Kitty and Caesar’s arch-enemy Ryan all cuddled up.

In the new episode Caesar discussed with Donna how “betrayed” he feels by Miss Kitty. Well Donna dropped a bombshell. She was trying to make Caesar feel better – and so she spilled some tea on Ryan.

Donna told Caesar, “If it makes you feel better I heard his penis was small. Like Bed-Stuy d** size small.”

Caesar’s cousin Teddy stepped in and interjected, “Ya’ll keep that type of s**t in girl code.”

Donna continued, “I know that builds your confidence a little more. You gone have a sitdown with Ryan and look at him like haha he got a baby d**k.”

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