Word On The Curb..Diddy is dating Nipsey Hussle’s girlfriend, Lauren London?

People now suspect that there is something else between the hip-hop mogul and the late rapper’s girlfriend after the Instagram post he left hallucinated.

Sean “P Diddy“The combs are one of the best friends of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. The hip-hop mogul has supported Nipsey’s family and girlfriend. Lauren London. However, people now suspect that there is something else between Diddy and Lauren after the Instagram post left speechless.

On Wednesday, February 19, Diddy seemed to share on her Instagram page a picture of her and Lauren in what looked like a photo shoot. The images now removed saw the couple twin in white attire while posing together in a completely white set.

While the snapshots could be harmless, people seemed to notice that something was different when it came to the look Diddy shot Lauren. “The way he looked at her walking away,” said one fan. “The last photo says it all. He will make his move, if he has not already done so. She will be treated like everyone else,” said another fan.

However, some were not happy if the two were really falling in love. “Dating a man named Diddii with 6 or 7 children is not a sister. Lauren doesn’t have 3 or 4 children of her own?” Someone wrote. Echoing the feeling, one person urged: “Don’t do it, Lauren.”

Another noted that in addition to the fact that Diddy was a close friend of Nipsey, Lauren is a friend of Diddy’s ex. Cassie. “That would have been fine and elegant (not really), except that she is her ex-Cassie’s best friend. Puffy, damn it, MESSY!” Bending Diddy “hella messy”, someone commented: “She and Cassie are (were they?) Super close. He is hella messy so he eliminated it.”

However, some others did not see a problem if the two were dating. “Well, he is single and she is single … he is a widower of the ghetto and she is a widow of the chapel. It is a combination made in heaven,” said one. Meanwhile, another fan guessed that Lauren is probably dating the billionaire because “she needs a new sponsor.”

Neither Diddy nor Lauren have not yet responded to the report.

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