Word On The Curb..Chief Keef (24) Is Dating 16 Yr Old WHORAAAA Bhad Bhabie!! (Here Are Receipts)

24 year old gangster rapper Chief Keef is dating a 16 year old girl – female rapper Danielle “Bhad Bhabie” Bregnoli, according to Chief Keef’s baby’s mother.

Chief Keef’s baby’s mother spilled the tea about Keef’s possibly ILLEGAL relationship with the underage girl. Under California law, it is illegal for a 24 year old to have any sexual contact with a 16 year old girl.

But Chief Keef’s baby mama didn’t just make accusations – she came with receipts. First she re-posted a pic that Bhad Bhabie took in front of Keef’s house in Tarzana. The 26 year old girl tagged “Tarzana” as the location, so that fans were clear where she was:

Next, Chief’s baby’s mama posted a pic of underage rapper wearing one of Keef’s t-shirt’s. The 24 year old rapper actually commented on that post from 16 year old Bhad Bhabie:

Next, she re-posted a pic that Bhabie released on Instagram. And that picture appears to have been taken from inside Chief Keef’s bedroom, IN HIS BED? 

To remove all doubt, the baby mama posted one of her own pics of Keef’s room with the same artwork on the wall.

Neither Chief Keef nor Bhad Bhabie commented on the controversy surrounding their relationship.

It isn’t the first time the underage Bhabie was linked to older man. In 2019, she was cozying as a lot as 20-year-old rapper Lil GotIt. Their relationship led to her infamous wrestle with fellow youthful star Woah Vicky.

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