Word On The Curb..Cardi B Gets Summer Bunni Fired From Love & Hiphop!!

Summer Bunni was fired from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood – and was banned from attending the reunion show.

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion show was filmed last week, inside the Tyler Perry Studio’s in Atlanta. And the entire cast attended – except Summer Bunni. 

Media Fucked Out News confirmed from multiple sources that Summer was FIRED from the show before the reunion filmed, and she was banned from coming into the reunion filming.

So what did Summer do to get fired and banned? Well nothing.

News can also confirm that Summer’s nemesis, Cardi B stepped in and got the reality star fired from the show.

You’ll recall that last year, Summer was caught cheating with Cardi’s husband, rapper Offset.

Cardi stopped f*cking with [Love & Hip Hop] ever since  they signed that industry th*t Summer.” The insider added, “But now [the production team] at Love & Hip Hop is trying to work on Cardi’s new project for VH1.”

According to our insider Cardi just signed a deal for a new project – an unnamed reality series – and both VH1 and Viacom have already greenlit the project.

But Cardi had ONE CONDITION to working with VH1 again – fire Summer Bunni.

Our insider explained “Cardi told [the production team] to FIRE Summer Bunni immediately, or she won’t work with them. They did it.”

We can’t wait to see Cardi’s new show with VH1. Unfortunately for Summer, this means that her career as a reality starlet is now over.

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