Word On The Curb…Blac Chyna’s May Be Pregnant..

In February Blac Chyna posted pics of an apparent sonogram, and announced to the world that she’s pregnant. At the time people didn’t believe that she was telling the truth.

Now that cat’s out of the bag, Chyna really is pregnant. The social media Whoraaaa unveiled her new baby bump last night on Snapchat.

At the time, people thought Chyna was just trolling. They suggested that Chyna just  lifted the picture from Google images when you search for a “sonogram.” 

Well it turns out the Chyna was telling the truth. Congratulations to her.

Chyna first made the initial announcement in mid-February, when she quickly posted and then deleted a pregnancy announcement with a photo of an ultrasound. Blac Chyna seemingly shared some happy news with fans Tuesday on social media, posting an image of an ultrasound with the caption, “Blessed 2020.”

So who is the father? We have no idea. But a few months ago she was spotted jet-setting around the Middle East with a Nigerian billionaire.

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