Word On The Curb.. A1 Smacked Up Misster Ray And Got DESTROYED By Twitter Over It

If you’ve paid attention to the saga of A1 and Lyricathen you know their relationship has been full of drama and questions for the past year. A1 has been accused of doing dirty doggery meanwhile there was a whole insinuation that Lyrica and Safaree had some extramarital situation, too. It got so bad that there was even a paternity crisis with A1 and Lyrica’s baby.

It’s clearly all still a sore spot for A1 as he was absolutely not into Misster Ray bringing up his son’s possible paternity issues. A1 paused for a minute and delivered a smack like he wanted to fight. That seems like a fair retort, right?

Well there’s a problem…

A1 did not have that smoke for any of the MANY people who have done him dirty i.e. Ray J and Safaree and all the folks who have shaded him for the past year.

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