Will Smith Drops Video Behind Epic Photo Between ‘Coming To America 2’ And ‘Bad Boys 3’

When Will Smith shared his legendary photo with Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Wesley Snipes on his Instagram earlier this week, we thought it was a one-off meetup.

“Nothing to see here…” Smith captioned the photo, which was taken on the grounds of Tyler Perry’s studio in Atlanta.

But apparently there was more than something to see because the Bad Boys 3 actor dropped a video on Friday that showed the behind-the-scenes magic behind that photo.

The moment was captured when Smith realized that Murphy and Snipes were filming Coming to America 2 close to where he was completing scenes for Bad Boys 3 with Lawrence. And so he walked over to the Coming To America 2 set.

“You can’t put Bad Boys 3 next to Coming to America 2 at at Tyler Perry Studios and expect us to get ANY work done,” Smith wrote in the caption.

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