Why Wendy Williams Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Wendy Williams has dealt with plenty of stress and drama over the last year, but one issue she won’t have to worry about for now is unemployment. She recently made a big announcement about the future of her show.

While the news is positive, it may not be as good as she makes it out to be. There could be trouble just around the corner for The Wendy Williams Show. But with all the chaos in William’s life right now, will she be able to handle the extra stress? 

The Wendy Williams Show began its 11th season this week with a surprising announcement from its host. Williams asked her audience, crew, and TV viewers to gather around for the news during the opening of her season premiere, before telling the group that she had been renewed through 2022. That’s at least two more seasons of Williams’ bold personality.

Last season, Williams entertained her audience with celebrity guests like Monica, Andy Cohen, and Nicole Byer. She also gave us her Inside Scoop on various topics, and occasionally offered a peek into her drama-filled personal life. Viewers love her sassy responses and bold attitude. 

According to The Wrap, she has about 1.4 million viewers, but is that enough to keep her on the air for years to come?

While Williams celebrates the renewal of her show, others are discussing how much longer she will last. According to an insider for Page Six, Williams only received a renewal because the production distribution company behind her show, Debmar-Mercury, didn’t have anyone else to fill the time slot. 

The Jerry O’ Show, with Jerry O’Connell as host, tested for her time slot in August but wasn’t strong enough to replace Williams. However, Debmar-Mercury continues to look for a replacement. 

They don’t have anyone strong enough to replace her,” the insider said. “They were back into a corner. She will surely not be coming back beyond the two-season renewal. This will be her swan song.”

Unfortunately, while her show is safe for now, Williams may be looking at a limited future on air.

If Williams has to lose her show, she’s lucky that it won’t happen for a couple more years. At this point in her life, she probably couldn’t handle any more stress than she’s already dealing with. 

Earlier this year, while Williams was living in a sober house for her decades-long cocaine addiction, headlines announced her husband of more than 20 years, Kevin Hunter, was expecting a child with his mistress. The news devastated Williams during a time when her life was already a mess. 

While the public watched, Williams filed for divorcefrom Hunter and fired him as a producer on her show. She’s moved on, dating several new men, and insists that she’s happy with her new single life. She does appear to have her life under control, but some fans are concerned with her well-being during this time. The loss of her show would only add to the immense stress that she’s already under. With a history of drug addiction, could Williams be in danger of relapse if she loses her show?

While a lot can happen in two years, if she’s not planning for the future, the time can also fly by. Hopefully, two years will give her enough time to get her life sorted out before she has to deal with the end of her show. 

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