Why These Ni**AS Cant Keep Their Hands To Themselves.. DJ Drama Accused Of Assault & Battery By His New Girlfriend While On Vacation

DJ Drama seems to be having one hell of a summer vacation in Turks & Caicos. Yesterday, he took to Instagram to show off his new boo Debakii and show off his extravagant trip

Not even 24 hours his vacation, though, Drama ended up being the subject of some Domestic Violence allegations.

The DJ’s new boo took to Instagram this week to claim that she was abused by Drama. To make things worse, she specifically states in her Instagram story this isn’t the first time he has hit her and it won’t be the last.

In the footage, she has what clearly seems to be some recent bite marks and scratches from what could be some sort of altercation. Weirdly, while she was recording him and describing her alleged abuse, Drama didn’t seem to phased at all.

Hopefully he releases a statement soon and we have more details on the whole matter. This definitely isn’t a good look off the heels of being the rumored cause of the Drake’s ghost writing allegations and months of Lil Uzi claiming DJ Drama has been doing him wrong business-wise and finally taking his talents to Roc Nation.

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