Why Kenya Moore Was Never Allowed To Speak To Marc Daly’s Parents

Kenya Moore is revealing yet another detail of what went wrong in her and Marc Daly’s marriage.

In a preview of the upcoming Sunday episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the mother of one said that she was not allowed to speak to Daly’s parents.

“It kinda feels as though there is a large part of him or the relationship that I was just never privy to,” she says. “For example, I’m not allowed to speak to his mother or father. If you don’t know everything about that person’s life you’re not being let in.” 

Moore says that she has always felt like there has been a wall up with her ex.

“One of my issues with him is not being able to have a conversation without yelling or anger or crossing lines,” she explained. “I know it’s not me and I know how hard I’ve fought for this marriage. I stopped caring about my feelings and all I was trying to be was who he wanted me to be and work through everything as best I could to keep my family together.”

Earlier in the season, unseen footage showed how Moore and Daly’s two-year-marriage ended in an RHOA episode filmed the day before they officially called it quits. 

The explosion of events happened during an event hosted by Daly to honor the Black Man Lab, a charity that inspires Black males by matching them with successful role models. Daly said about their relationship off-camera, “I hate it. I hate it. Everybody knows that. Save me from the drama. 

The couple wed in June 2017 and are parents to their one-year-old daughter Brooklyn Doris Daly.

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