Who’s The LIAR Now Steve?! Mark Curry Provides Receipts Showing Steve Harvey Stealing Jokes!!

The beef between comedian Mark Curry and Steve Harvey is heating up.

Weeks ago Mark Curry accused Steve of stealing tons of jokes from him. The two comedians both had TV sitcoms in the 1990s. And Steve’s sitcom, The Steve Harvey Show was surprisingly similar to Mark’s show – Hanging with Mr Cooper.

According to Mark, Steve has been stealing his jokes and his ideas for years, and he’s sick of it.

Yesterday, Steve was interviewed by TMZ, and he denied ever stealing jokes from his former friend Mark Curry. During the interview, Steve told TMZ to “ask Mark Curry what joke I stole?”

Well, Mark Curry went on IG Live today and hit Steve with some receipts. And it looks like the exact same joke – told by Steve more than 15 years later.


Jokes On You Steve…

Who whole drama started when, “The 58-year-old (Mark) appeared on an episode of Fox Soul’s “The Mike & Donny Show.” When host Mike Hill asked Curry, “What’s up with you and Steve, man?” Curry responded by saying, “Steve stole my material on his show, so I had a beef on that.”

Hill then followed with another question asking Curry, “On what show?”

“When he was on his bullsh– talk show that he had, he did all of my Halloween material one Halloween,” Curry responded. Curry was referring to Harvey’s NBC talk show “Steve.”

“Somebody called me and said, ‘Homeboy doing your material.’ He did my whole Halloween run, and I know he didn’t think of it. This was true stuff that really happened to me,” Curry said.

“And my thing was, you didn’t have to do that homeboy. Mother–, you made enough money,

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