Who’s Surprised?!…Kandi Burruss Reveals Her and Todd Tucker’s New Businesses Haven’t Been Profitable

Kandi Burruss is getting candid about doing business with her husband Todd Tucker, and some fans are giving the couple a side-eye.

On a recent episode of the “Real Housewife of Atlanta” star’s YouTube channel, “Kandi Online,” she and her husband talked about the difficulty of starting new businesses. Burruss said their new businesses, including Tucker’s trucking company and their Old Lady Gang breakfast restaurant, haven’t reached her threshold of what she considers to be profitable.

In fact, Burruss suggested that the businesses were costing the couple more money than they were actually making. She believes they should focus on the businesses they have, but Tucker seemingly has no limit to the businesses he thinks they should open. 

“We’ve taken on a lot of the new projects at once and all of them need to be brought to a certain level before they become profitable,” said Burruss. “With it being an investment stage it does make it stressful when we continue to add things on to those things we already know we have to invest in.” 

Tucker, on the other hand, believes the ups and downs of starting new ventures are just a part of “the process.”

Burruss fans disagreed and seemed to give Tucker the side-eye.

“Someone call mama joyce! Kandi don’t let him run u in the GROUND ‼️ U WORK TOO HARD ?”

“Whew chile! It’s because it isn’t his money being used… He is like an oil salesman!! Talk a good game and can’t back it up.”

“Todd is coming off very irresponsible and like he makes impulse decisions without thinking them through. Kandi should have the final say Girl don’t let that man f–k up your bag.”

Despite what folks may think about the couple’s finances and business decisions, Burruss recently set the record straight for those whom think Tucker is using her money to make his business dreams come true.

FYI. Todd is not spending my personal money,” she tweeted on Dec. 22. “He & I have made a lot of money together which is what we use to invest in new business ideas. He helped make it so he can help decide how it’s spent. Thanks for your concern but we’re good!”

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