Whoraaaa The Exploraaaa.. Cut It Out’: Joseline Hernandez Called Out After She Acts Like She’s ‘Above’ Drama with Women

Joseline Hernandez recently sat down to discuss how women in the entertainment biz ought to support each other, but her remarks led fans to call her out over her past actions.

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star spoke to Hot 97’s Nessa Diab and chatted about how women in the industry can be “petty” instead of taking the high road.

You know, these hoes be flexing and they still be shading and fighting each other here and there,” Hernandez says on Nov. 5. “But when you’re the master of the game you ain’t gotta do all that. … For me, it’s just so petty and immature. You ain’t gotta do all that. If you’re that b—h you’re gonna be around and you ain’t gotta do or say certain things or act a certain way. You just don’t have to. It’s unnecessary. I feel like the more they do, it’s the less art that they got to give.”

But while Diab agreed with what the single mom had to say, fans recalled the diss track Hernandez released last fall that saw her take aim at Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. The song, “Hate Me Now,” includes the lyrics, “Ex-queen get your crown back / They made a mockery out you / You never been who you say you are…”

“Joseline now I love you girl…but didn’t you shade Cardi in that song girl?”

“Joseline cut it out u aint the head of s–t but lhhatl. U have done s–t in hip hop. U not even the top 5 best female mcs in the game right now.”

“How many diss tracks she made??? I love her but damn don’t be acting like you wasn’t being petty at one point in time.”

“Girl you made a whole WACK diss song about Cardi & Nicki and they both ignored you because you are DELUSIONAL, and cardi actually genuinely liked you and use to like your post before you came at her just because she got the success you failed to get after 5 years on TV ??‍♀️ so stop sitting up in these interviews acting like you’re above everybody”

Still, not everyone pounced on the rapper. Some fans applauded Hernandez for exhibiting growth.

Wow babygirl, you’ve really grown up! I love it!”

“@toya_prettybad I mean … that’s the past , she grew into a mature woman?” a fan said to a naysayer.

“You’ve definitely grown up ?? love the new you.. wake em up..”

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