WHOA VICKY Rips Bhad Babie Post-Fight … IMO, HER MUSIC SUCKS & SHE’S A ‘HO’

Whoa Vicky is continuing her barrage against Danielle Bregoli … but instead of kicking her ass again, she’s throwing verbal jabs that are sure to stir up more bad blood.

We got Vicky Thursday at the Beverly Connection, where she was basking in the glory of the apparent whooping she put on Bhad Babie. She definitely hasn’t cooled down since then, telling us there’s no chance she and Danielle can be friends.

She threw some gas on the fire when we asked about the possibility of them ever recording together. Vicky said she considers Danielle’s music “trash.” Her opinion of Danielle’s dating life is even worse, and far less eloquent. Ya just gotta watch.

As for the viral video of their catfight, Whoa Vicky says she there’s no question she won — and there’s no reason for a rematch since she beat Danielle in round one by a landslide.

As you know, Danielle claims she didn’t get her ass beat — no matter what the video shows. Vicky pokes holes in her archenemy’s version of what started the fight.

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