Who Wants To See This Weirdo In A Gangsta Film??The People Like You, But Not Like That Sis..??Issa Rae’s Rumored ‘Set It Off’ Remake Is Getting The Side-Eye From Black Twitter

The 1996 crime thriller Set It Off, which starred Jada Pinkett-Smith, Queen Latifah and more, is getting a remake led by Insecure co-creator and star Issa Rae, and not everybody is considering this good news. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rae is set to produce the project alongside her partner at Issa Rae Productions, Montrel McKay. Rae will also possibly star in the film, which is being described as a “reimagining” of the original. 

Set It Off, which has become a cult classic, especially in the Black community, follows four friends who find themselves tired of their low-wage jobs. Being victims of institutional violence, they band together for a series of bank robberies, which ultimately leads to a tragic ending in their mission.

While Issa usually can do no wrong on these internets, Set It Off fans aren’t really here for this one. Many tweeted that, though they love and admire Rae’s work, they believe this film should not be messed with.

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