Who Wants O.J. SIMPSON Advice… O.J WARNS KAEPERNICK Your ‘Friends’ Are Hurting You!

O.J. Simpson says he’s CONCERNED about Colin Kaepernick — claiming the QB’s friends are hurting his chances of getting back to the NFL … and he needs to shut them up!

Simpson wasn’t specific about which “friends” he was referring to — but a bunch of people close to Colin (from Eric Reid to Brandon Marshall) have publicly said they think the NFL workout could be a sham.

Both guys have said the circumstances surrounding the workout are “fishy” since Kap was only given a few days notice and because it’s being held on a Saturday so late in the season.

“I’m a guy that’s been through just about everything,” Simpson said in a new video … “and the one thing I’ve learned is that sometimes your friends, and I don’t doubt these are your friends, but sometimes they can say and do things that aren’t in your best interests

“You’re an intelligent guy … maybe you should tell some of these friends that you can speak for yourself.”

Colin hasn’t said much about the workout — but tweeted this week, “I’ve been in shape and ready for this for 3 years, can’t wait to see the head coaches and GMs on Saturday.”

Simpson wants to make it clear he’s ROOTING for Kap — adding, “Go down to Atlanta and kick ass! There’s some NFL teams that I and everybody knows could use your skills.”

Honest question … wonder how Kap feels about having O.J. in his corner?

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