Who Is Kate Gammell.. A Dummy??

Flavor Flav is a father … again. A paternity test confirmed with 99.9% accuracy that he is the papa of a two-month-old baby boy named Jordan with his manager, Kate Gammell. Well, that’s keeping it all in the family, so to speak. This is his eighth child. He’s also the father of Dazyna Drayton, Karma Drayton, Shaniq Drayton, Quanah Drayton, Kayla Drayton, Jasmine Drayton and William Drayton. Flavor Flav’s real name is, of course, William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. His nickname Flavor Flav was originally his graffiti tag name. Flavor Flav rose to fame as a founding member of the rap group Public Enemy. At 60, he’s been in poor health of late, but that doesn’t mean he can’t father a baby — because, well, he has. His newest son’s mama is Kate Gammell, a member of his management team. Who is Kate Gammell? Let’s meet Flavor Flav’s baby mama:

1. She worked with Flav

According to her LinkedIn profile, Kate Gammel lives in Los Angeles and worked with Flavor Flav for years as part of his management team. She reportedly handled his public appearances and merchandising. She claims she had a sexual relationship with Flav and became pregnant with their baby Jordan, who was born in July. She is seeking child support from Flavor Flav. 

2. Career in hip hop

Kate Gammel attended the University of La Verne in Southern California from 2004 to 2008. Not much is known of her early career. However, since 2015 she’s been working with former members of Public Enemy exclusively. From December 2015 to October 2016 she claims to have been both the manager of Chuck D’s record label and his personal assistant. She’s been working with Flavor Flav since August 2017. In the photo below dated March 2018, Kate and Flav are at Niagara Falls and she’s wishing him a happy birthday. 

3. She and Flav were close

There’s no word on what the status of the working or personal relationship between Kate Gammell and Flavor Flav is at the current moment. However, a quick look at her Instagram account reveals a bunch of photos of her with the former member of Public Enemy dating back to 2016. 

4. She claims he owes her money

According to The Shade Room, Kate Gammell is not just seeking child support payments. She’s also looking for $50,000 she loaned him that he never paid back. She loaned him the money to settle personal bills he had. Flavor Flav has a long history of money problems. Back in 2000, Flav was making his living scalping baseball tickets

5. He fired Kate Gammell when he found out she was pregnant

Kate Gammell could rightly sue Flavor Flav for discrimination. When the rapper found out his manager was pregnant, he fired her which is, of course, illegal. He reportedly vehemently denied he was the baby’s father and after he fired her, he cut off all communication with Gammell.

6. The internet is having a field day

As you can imagine, Instagram is lit right now with comments making fun of Flavor Flav’s current predicament. But instead of piling on Flav, they are making fun of Kate for not being aware that Flav has a long history of being terrible with money. One commenter said: “Clearly if you loaned him that money he ain’t got it sis.” Another said: “He is as broke as that clock on his neck, sis.”

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