Where U Think He Get it From?’: 50 Cent Cracks Fans Up After He Shares His Son’s Christmas Request

50 Cent has two sons. A 22-year-old named Marquise Jackson and a 7-year-old named Sire Jackson. And both have inherited something different from him.

Marquise, whom 50 has been estranged from for years now, got much of his dad’s physical features, and Sire has seemed to acquire his father’s taste for wanting a lot of store items. At least that’s the way it appears, based on a video that 50 posted to Instagram on Tuesday.

50 Cent’s son Sire Jackson asked his dad for an incredibly big Christmas gift. (Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

In the clip, the “21 Questions” rapper can be seen talking to Sire about Christmas gifts, and the little one didn’t ask for just a couple of presents, he wanted a lot more. 

“I want the whole store,” Sire told his dad, who seemed shocked at the request.

For what? You said you want it for Christmas?” asked 50.

“Yeah,” Sire responded. “I want Toys “R” Us.”

“The whole store?” 50 asked for confirmation. 

“Yes, the whole store,” his son answered, which caused the “Power” actor to let out a big sigh and a smile. 

He also captioned the video and wrote “?what you want for Christmas, I WANT THE WHOLE STORE. ?ok I have to work harder what the f–k, the whole store ?.”

A lot of 50’s fans eventually weighed in and seemed to be vastly entertained by the clip.

“u said u wanted to be one of the biggest influences in hip hop one day, that was a big statement bacc then but look at you now! Where u Think he get it from????” one person commented.

He sound like you?,” wrote someone else. 

“The kid is aware that his dad is capable, ??? a third person wrote.

A lot of other people mentioned that Toys “R” Us closed down last year, which is true. The company, which opened its doors in 1948 in Washington D.C., closed 800 stores in 2018. And those same folks said 50 was off the hook as a result.

But on Nov. 30, one store reopened for the holiday season at the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, New Jersey.

And the second location will open its doors on Dec. 7 at the Galleria in Houston, Texas. Plus, according to NBC, the company plans to open at least 10 more stores by the close of 2020.

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