Where Is North?! Beyonce: ‘Blue Ivy Is A Cultural Icon!!’ We The People Wonder If Killa Kim K Agrees With This Statement.. ?? Let Them Children Play? #gagnation

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Beyonce has called her daughter a “cultural icon” in court documents in a legal battle over the trademark of her daughter’s famous name.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, desperately wants the trademark to “Blue Ivy” but Wendy Morales is already using it.

According to The Blast, Bey says Morales claim that “that consumers are likely to be confused between a boutique wedding event planning business and Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of two of the most famous performers in the world, is frivolous and should be refused in its entirety.” 

The global superstar’s trademark application is for “Blue Ivy Carter” and not “Blue Ivy.”

“Blue Ivy Carter is a cultural icon who has been described as a “mini style star,” Bey says of her daughter.

Most significantly, Blue Ivy Carter has achieved a significant amount of fame, particularly at such a young age. She also has a noted and well-chronicled interest in fashion. Given these factors, Blue Ivy Carter is capable of and interested in becoming the face of a brand. For this reason, the factual context demonstrates that BGK filed the Application with the intent to build a brand around Blue Ivy Carter and her public reputation and renown.”

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