When You To OLD For This Mess.. Buffie Purselle Pens Lengthy Clapblack After Dr. Jackie Told A Crowded Room She’s ‘Infertile’

Married To Medicine newcomer Buffie Purselle is calling out one of the show’s OGs, Dr. Jackie Walters, for allegedly putting a private detail about her life on blast before a group of strangers.

In a preview for an upcoming episode of the Bravo reality show, Purselle can be seen looking on in shock while Dr. Jackie told a crowded room that Purselle is “infertile.” The reality show veteran was relating her own struggles with fertility when she made the comment.

“Four years ago, I got breast cancer, and the thing that we grow up, most of us wanting to do, you can’t do,” she said. “And Buffie, you can relate. You’re infertile.”

After the clip was posted to social media and Bravo’s website, Purselle took to Instagram to share how she felt about the unexpected recognition, which she called “one of the most humiliating and painful moments in my life.”

She explained in the post that she and Dr. Jackie have only had surface-level conversations about her struggles with fertility and have never had a comfortable enough rapport to warrant her sharing such a personal detail from her life.

“When you first meet someone and they see that you are happily married they ask the inevitable question, ‘Do you have kids?'” she wrote. “I always answer no. No — period. Then SOME people ask, ‘Why NOT’ as if my husband and I have done something wrong. I am then forced to explain my many failed attempts at motherhood. This is the level of discussion that Dr. Walters and I had regarding my CHALLENGES with fertility.”

She went on to criticize Dr. Jackie’s comment and her intentions, adding that she is adamant that she called her out with the sole purpose of embarrassing her.

“To call another woman infertile is cruel,” she added. “That word doesn’t begin to describe the type of person that I am… I believe that Dr. Walters said this with malicious intent because she could have said many other things about me if she truly wanted to relate to me.”

Purselle also added that Dr. Jackie “has NEVER offered me a sincere apology” to date.

In addition to her lengthy social media post, Purselle wrote an op-ed piece for TheClosetRatchet, where she further called out the OB/GYN for the offensive comment.

In it, she criticized Dr. Jackie’s and some of the Married to Medicine‘s viewers’ alleged claim that she is overreacting, and stressed that she felt stabbed “in front of everyone” in the moment.

Read her full statement, here.

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