When Eating Booty Goes Wrong…

According to a new report – a New Jersey man has died of E Coli poisoning, and doctors suspect that the man contracted the bacteria while eating his new girlfriend’s “groceries.”

The report claims that the man died after the very first time he performed the act on his new bae.

At least those were the preliminary conclusions of the doctors. More testing will have to be done to confirm whether or not he contracted the delay E Coli from his girlfriend’s butt, or from elsewhere.The story first started making its rounds on Friday, when it was shared online by rapper Gillie. Almost immediately, his fans and friends commented on the bizarre news story – and it went viral:

According to the Centers fro Disease Control, the intestinal tract is filled with bacteria that are part of the digestive process; these do not pose any health threat. However, eating booty will expose you to any bad germs or infections harbored in your partner’s intestinal tract or anal area. 

The CDC warns that “rimming carries a risk of transmission of STDs including hepatitis A. There is also risk of intestinal parasites, like cryptosporidiosis.”

In addition, the CDC cautions that “immunocompromised persons are suggested to avoid performing this activity.” So if you aren’t in good health and have an immune deficiency (say from AIDS or chemotherapy), eating booty could put you at serious risk.

Here’s a rundown of some of the diseases you could be exposed to when eating booty:

Hepatitis A: Hepatitis A is a virus spread through oral contact with the fecal matter of an infected person. It affects the liver and causes symptoms such as jaundice, fatigue, and nausea. It is not a chronic infection, unlike hepatitis C. Hepatitis A can be prevented with a vaccine given before or shortly after exposure.

E. coli: This is a bacterial infection spread through oral contact with the fecal matter of an infected person. Its symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, and intestinal bleeding.

Intestinal parasites: These are microbial organisms that cause intestinal diseases including cryptosporidiosis, dysentery, and giardiasis. Symptoms include diarrhea, fever, and stomach pain. Again, these are spread through oral contact with the fecal matter of an infected person.

Bacterial infections: If a person contracts food poisoning, the bacteria that causes it, say salmonella for example, will be shed in their feces and could be transmitted through oral-anal contact. Symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting.

Other STDs: If the receiving partner has a rectal gonorrhea infection, it could be contracted by the active partner; gonorrhea can infect the mouth and throat. This means that theoretically a person with an oral gonorrhea infection could transmit it to the booty that they’re eating. Other STDs that can be transmitted through oral-anal contact include syphilis and herpes, if either partner has an active lesion in their mouth or anal area. HIV Risk?

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