When A Hoe Marry A Hoe Azz Ni@@a… They Do Hoe Shit Together..Erica Mena Follows Safaree’s Lead And Creates An ‘OnlyFans’ Account

Chile, this pandemic has everybody trying to get an extra coin or two by starting an OnlyFans account, including these celebs. Following her husband  Safaree, it looks like Erica Mena has also created an account to keep the people entertained.

Just in case you’re under a rock, Only Fans is a subscription based content platform that allows creators to create content for their ‘fans,’ and Erica Mena has seemingly decided to show off her bawdy.

Posted on her account OnlyFans, she wrote the message, “Welcome,” with a lip emoji. In the background, her cover photo is a pic of her in the pool, showing off her cakes. I think it’s safe to say that her fans are in for a treat.

As stated, her husband also has an account. Safaree wrote on Instagram that he cares about “the people” and that’s why you only have to pay $20 to see him

I do this for the people who don’t have much.”

Casanova is another rapper who also has an account. Roomies, if you want to see him, you must pay $50, though.

Chile, the viral pandemic has caused over 20 million people to file for unemployment, shut down production sets, and cancelled graduations and other ceremonies. Because of these factors and more, many people are resulting in virtual ceremonies and thinking of creative ways to get that money.

Erica, make that money, girl! OnlyFans is where it’s at!

Safaree and Erica Mena wedded last October. The two also share a daughter together, in addition to a child Erica has from a previous relationship.

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