What That Nigerian Man Do to You Now?

Fresh off her series of shows on the “Welcome to the Dungeon” tour, Tamar Braxton appears to be letting fans in on some things happening in her relationship with David Adefeso.

The singer shared a screenshot of a memo she wrote on her Instagram Story Thursday in which she posted a lyric from Fantasia‘s 2004 single “Free Yourself.”

This love thing is FULL of SCANDAL!!!!” read the caption Braxton shared to the social media site Oct. 24.

In no time, fans started commenting with more lyrics from the song.

“Go ahead and free yourself…?”

“So your welcome 2 walk???”

“If you don’t want me then don’t talk to me ??‍♀️”

“If you’re unhappy then you’re free to go on”

But then, some read between the lines and surmised that something must be going on between Braxton and Adefeso.

Gurrlll what happened ??”

“Oh hell. Wtf happened”

“Uh oh!!!”


Braxton and David have seemingly been getting along well lately. The Pacific Group CEO accompanied Braxton on her Atlanta and New Orleans dates of the burlesque show launched by Kandi Burruss.

“Heard my @tamarbraxton is getting into trouble again at the dungeon show with @kandi @trinarockstarr , @todd167. and @plies . Heard she’s gonna be on her worst behavior. I gotta be there to supervise????,” Adefeso said in part as he prepared to leave Los Angeles for Atlanta earlier this week.

Backstage at the show, however, fans raised their collective eyebrows over Braxton’s antics with “brother” Big Tigger. The singer stood behind the Atlanta radio host as she urged him to take a shot of Hennesy straight from the bottle. He refused but Braxton took the shot herself as she wrapped her arm around him.

Yet the couple was smiling and walking side-by-side when they caught a flight to NOLA where Adefeso once again saw Braxton perform.

Still, things have not always been smooth sailing for the couple. They bumped heads onscreen during the previous season of “Braxton Family Values.” Adefeso wanted to smoke cigars with Braxton’s sisters’ significant others but Braxton didn’t believe that was in his best interests.

He’s not a reality TV star. He really has real clients and some of his clients conflicts with smoking and him doing it on television is different than doing it in the circumference of somebody’s backyard, period. He doesn’t know that,” she said.

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