What In Thee Hell.. CARDI DDT Does Her Own ‘Green Man

Cardi B is taking a page right out of Charlie Day‘s game day playbook — donning a full body suit that covers every inch of her from head-to-toe.

CB was spotted — or heard, more like — in the City of Love Saturday, right in the middle of Paris Fashion Week. She was doing a photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower in this interesting little number that screams Green Man from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Granted, Cardi’s getup here is a bit more elaborate than Charlie’s spandex morph suit in the show … in fact, hers seems to resemble a men’s kimono more than anything.

What’s funny about this too is that at first glance … you might not even know it’s Cardi at all under there. But, when a photog asks her what the outfit says about Paris Fashion Week, her cover gets blown with her response. Yeah, there’s absolutely no mistaking that voice.

She didn’t explain why she was wearing such an elaborate costume for the annual runway, but based on what else we’ve seen there so far  … it might very well be on theme.

High-fashion … the wackier the better. Or so it seems, anyway.

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