Wendy Williams To Kenya Moore: Marc Daly Doesn’t Want You!

Wendy Williams watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta last night. Like many viewers said on social media, she doesn’t think Marc Daly wants to be married to Kenya Moore at all.

The talk show host had some harsh words for the RHOA star after watching the scene where Marc tells Kenya that baby Brooklyn will be accompanying them on his birthday trip and mocks his wife for asking about alone time after she suggests a nanny. Kenya also asks Marc who is  number one in his life which he makes very clear is his daughter.

While Williams agrees that Brooklyn should be before Kenya, she also sees that Marc is completely checked out of the marriage.

After stating that Marc doesn’t want her, she told he live studio audience: ‘In my opinion as a mother, the kid is always number one. That to me is not even a question. Selfish Kenya. You will never be number one to mark it will always be Brooklyn but that’s how it’s supposed to be even if you love your husband and you love your wife. Number two, Kenya, this man doesn’t want you. You’re gorgeousness, your smartness, your ability to turn the world on with your infectious laughter, that beautiful baby — he only cares about himself.’

She went on to say that’s the reason he didn’t want to go on a romantic vacation for his birthday because they could easily leave the small child with a family member while they celebrate and go on a date.

Wendy isn’t alone in her opinion, many of the Real Housewives of Atlanta fans pointed out the cold way Daly treated Kenya during last night’s episode.

They took to social media to say that they understand why the two are divorcing.

However, Kenya has publicly said that she wanted to try to fix her marriage.

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