Wendy Williams goes off on audience member after phone rings: ‘Get out!’

If you go to a taping of “The Wendy Williams Show” don’t forget to put your phone on silent. One audience member incurred the wrath of the top talker after their ringer went off during the show’s “Hot Topics” segment.

Williams was in the middle of a story about Jennifer Lopez when she stopped the show in its tracks after hearing the sound of a ringing cell phone. “Is somebody’s phone on? Get out! Get out!” she ordered. “Turn that phone off now, sir. Ma’am. Whoever you are,” she added as the audience audibly gasped.

Though the host didn’t follow through with forcing the guilty party to leave the building, Williams did make it clear that she wasn’t kidding around. “The tickets are free, but when you come here you must turn your phones off,” said Williams.

“I was being overdramatic,” Williams admitted. “But kindly please turn your phone off,” she added.

Viewers of the awkward moment took to Twitter to express their opinions on how Williams handled the rogue ringer, with some saying she went over the line calling them out:

Others applauded Williams for putting the disrupter on blast and for not letting the distraction stop Wendy from being Wendy

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