Wendy Williams Explains Concerning Emotional Breakdown Amid Relapse Speculation: I Cry At Least Once A Day

Many people were left concerned for daytime talk show host Wendy Williams after she randomly started crying while live recording an episode of Wendy @ Home, the stay-at-home version of her hit show The Wendy Williams Show. On Monday, April 13th Wendy Williams unexpectedly started to cry and exhibit strange behavior in the middle of her show which made many of her supporters question the state of her sobriety.

Wendy wasted no time in trying to clear up the rumors that came from her erratic actions and took the time to address what happened the following day (April 14th) during the Wendy @ Home live stream.

Here’s what keeps ringing in my head. And, first of all, I’ve never cared about sharing my emotions with you. I cry with you, I laugh with you. I cry at least once a day. And I’ll tell you when that at least once happens. Seven o’clock here in New York when we’re supposed to raise the roof, open the windows, scream outside with our pots and pans, clap ’em together for our first responders. Me and my cats, we participate in that. Like, I dig that.

The talk show host continued

The cops and the doctors and the nurse and the school teachers and the MTA drivers that are dropping at a rapid rate, You know? So, that’s one time I cry. Another time usually happens when I see something else that’s just chokingly said on the news. There is this woman who lost her family. Her husband died one day alone. Alone, because he has the corona. And then her son, her only child, died a few days later

Wendy also admitted that the recent airing of Lifetime’s hit biopic The Clark Sisters: First Ladies Of Gospel made her shed a few tears as well

The Clark Sister’s movie had just started and I watched it, Norman, I laughed, I cried. I smiled dope ? In That Orderrrrr

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