Wendy Williams denies dating jeweler William Selby

Wendy Williams is still single.

The daytime talk show host, 55, addressed rumors on her show Monday morning that she was in a relationship with celebrity jeweler William Selby.

“I had an interesting weekend,” said Williams during her “Hot Topics” segment (via The Blast). “It was all innocent to me but apparently it caused waves everywhere else. All I’m doing is being Wendy. So I met this young man that I really like. Not in that way, I was setting you up with dramatic effect.”

Williams, who recently finalized her divorce from ex-husband Kevin Hunter, maintained that she and Selby are just friends.

“I was only at the studio for 35 minutes. I was with my friend, who is also my jeweler, Will. But and whatever, here is the big [scoop]. Will is my friend, he happens to be a jeweler,” she explained. “I’m one of his probably low-paying clients. I’m not buying jewelry all the time.”

She noted that Selby, who’s known as “Big Will,” has made a 

couple of pieces” for her and revealed she enjoys him “a whole lot,” though they are not dating.

“No, we did not plan to dress alike. A lot of you all said we looked like a couple. No, we’re not a couple,” she confirmed. “I got on a beige negligee and threw on that [coat]. It was cold out. And then we get in the studio and I put it on my ‘gram.”

Williams chalked up their photographed cuddle session up to the “freezing” temperature of the studio where musician Black Papi was recording.

“It’s like five degrees. It’s colder in there than it is in here,” she explained. “The studio is only about the size of my chair, you know. [Black] Papi’s in the other room, rapping. I’m sitting there huddled. Belly full from meatballs and all kinds of stuff we ate earlier.

We are not a couple and I do not have a boyfriend. That’s it. If I did, I wouldn’t have been out with Will.”

Selby and Williams had the rumor mill churning after they attended the Spotify x Cash Money premiere of new mini-documentary, “New Cash Order” together. They also spent the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day in each other’s company, according to Selby’s Instagram page.

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