Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes patch things up after long falling

Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes are back on speaking terms.

The New York City native, 55, welcomed the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 51, on The Wendy Williams Show Tuesday, and the pair talked about the rift that developed between them and how each side interpreted it began.

The talk show host said she felt Leakes had grown conceited amid her rise to fame on the Bravo series, which opened further doors for her to appear on Broadway, and the TV shows Glee and The New Normal.

So here’s what I feel happened between us: When we first met NeNe on the Housewives, she was like our big mouth friend who would say it like she meant it,’ Williams said. ‘She had a cute family, the laugh and that whole bit, just like keeping it real with NeNe. And then all of a sudden, the paychecks got bigger, and I feel the fame got in the way of remembering who we liked her for.’

Williams urged her audience to ‘clap if you understand what I’m saying’ – which they did – and Leakes rolled her eyes.

Williams said Leakes ‘started acting like a real jerk’ on RHOA, which seemed to surprise NeNe, drawing a rebuke from Williams.

‘We talk about this don’t look shocked … look, she started acting like a big head jerk and million-dollar paycheck or whatever they’re paying you or not, we missed the girl that we knew,’ Williams said. ‘And then all of a sudden you stuck with that character so I was like, “I’m done with NeNe.”‘

The charismatic reality star had a different take on her falling out with Williams, saying that she became a popular target for Williams on her show.

‘That’s her version, I know y’all hear mine,’ Leakes said. ‘You know how Wendy does her Hot Topics … and it was just “NeNe, this,'” “NeNe, that.” And I was just like, “Well, dang, she is just really running my name in the dirt.”‘

Leakes said the final straw was when Williams made a jab about ‘NeNe and her Birkin’ bag.

‘I was like, “That’s it!”’ said Leakes, to which Williams recalled the details.

‘When you marked up the Birkin … and then put my name on it, calling me me a b*h or something on it – you called me a man or something!’ Williams said

Leakes said the two were ‘right back into’ their friendship after reconciling at a restaurant in the wake of Williams’ split with husband Kevin Hunter earlier this year.

‘Regardless to whatever happened, the thing that I loved the most is when I got on the flight, and we were meeting in the restaurant, when I got to the restaurant – it was almost like we never missed a beat,’ said Nene, who has past been in public feuds with RHOA castmates Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak. 

Leakes appeared to have a great time in the appearance, praising Williams and acknowledging the professional chemistry they share.

‘Wendy really is the match to my fire, the chips to my salsa and the ice cream to my cake! You gotta love her,’ Leakes said, adding images from the appearance. Wendy wrote on her page, ‘Always good catching up with the dip to my do.’ 

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