Wendy Williams Admits All She Wants For Christmas Is A Divorce After Kevin Sr. Cheating Scandal

The shade is so real! Wendy Williams hit her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter with another jab about their split on her Dec. 19 show when she revealed the present she wants this Christmas — for her divorce to finally be finalized!

Wendy Williams is ready to put her split behind her. The host, 55, threw shade at her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter on her Thursday morning when Love & Hip Hop‘s Stevie J stopped by her talk show and gifted her with Christmas presents. Although his roast beef sandwich and silver necklace were both tasty and beautiful, Wendy’s only wish this Christmas is for a divorce.

Wendy went on to admit that the only way she’ll get what she wants this holiday is from the court and a pen — presumably meaning that she needs a judge to finally sign off on her divorce from Kevin Sr. A source previously shared with HollywoodLife that Wendy is ready to close this chapter of her life as soon as possible.

This wasn’t the first time Wendy’s thrown shade at her ex, or discussed their divorce on television. She often takes not-so-subtle shots at Kevin Sr., who fathered a child with his longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson. — Something Wendy only discovered in April when she filed for divorce her former manager and Wendy Show producer. Following news of the split, Kevin was almost immediately removed from the show.

If you’ve been following the longtime couple’s breakup, then you’ll know that Wendy decided to end her marriage after nearly 22 years with Kevin Sr. They share a 19-year-old son, Kevin Jr., who is currently a college freshman in Miami. Wendy moved out of the New Jersey home that she and Kevin, along with their son, shared and the house is currently on the market. She now resides in a lavish New York City apartment that she often refers to as her “bachelorette pad.”

Despite how public her situation became, Wendy received support from other stars at the time of her filing, including Christie Brinkley, who offered to help her find a good lawyer.

Following her split, Wendy’s taken to her purple chair to dedicate portions of her Hot Topics segment to her own life. Why? — She’s told her Wendy watchers not to believe everything they read in the press, and instead wait for her to address rumors on her show. And, she’s lived up to her promise.

The newly single talk show host has used her airtime to gush over her “new life,” which includes a packed social calendar, rekindled relationships with celebrity friends, and a whole new outlook on life. While Wendy hasn’t fully moved on romantically, she has admitted that she’s actively dating. She’s mentioned on her show that she prefers a built man her own age, who has a good job and nice teeth. Now, she’s putting herself first!

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