Wendy Wendell Williams Has Dinner Date w/ TWO Saltine Crackers In Her Tennis Shoe’s

Wendy Williams was photo’d out having dinner with the heads of her tv show syndicator, Debmar Mercury. Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein run Debmar Mercury, and are two of the most powerful men in television.

And the dinner with the two execs appears to have gone very well. All three came out of the restaurant smiling from ear to ear.

Of course Wendy looked beautiful – and very old Hollywood. The talk show queen wore a gorgeous Black gown and had Marilyn Monroe-esque hair.

Earlier in the day, Wendy celebrated getting her own star of Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame. It’s huge accomplishment – and Wendy definitely deserves it. 

“The elephant in the room is that I’ve been having a very, very tough year,” Williams admitted to the crowd according to E!, “but, slowly but surely, I’m climbing out of the pit and this is one of those monumental days that makes me say, you know, if you don’t believe in yourself who will believe in you? Sometimes life is a very lonely path and you’ve got to make some hard decisions.”

Wendy’s show also announced last month that it’s being renewed for two more seasons. 

“I’m so excited to launch our 11th year by letting the world know I will continue to do what I love to do so much — and for a very long time,” Williams said in a release announcing the news. 

“I want to tell Fox and all of our stations today how much their support and confidence means to me. They should know we will never stop working very hard to bring our dedicated Wendy Watchers and audience ‘co-hosts’ the freshest national daytime television!”

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